Health Benefits of Sleeping

One of the most effective ways of helping boost our immune system is sleeping. Having a strong immune system may prevent viruses and diseases in harming the body. People who lack sleep are more prone in acquiring viruses and can easily get the flu or colds. Scientists have been researching on the different effects of sleep to the body. Sleeping gives the body time to heal and repair the damaged cells, readying them for the next day.  A proper night’s sleep has an important role in helping the body to become healthier. How many hours does one need to get enough sleep? The number of hours of sleep depends on the age and lifestyle of the person. For a regular adult, he/she needs at least 7-8 hours of sleep to obtain the health benefits they need from sleeping. When a person is sleeping, the body produces cytokines, a protein that aims to fight infection and inflammation on the body. Fewer hours of sleep may cause fewer production of the antibodies such as the cytokines that protect the body from different diseases such as colds and fevers. Sleeping has a lot of health benefits, including boosting one’s immune system. Having enough sleep is good for the heart because it reduces cortisol, the stress hormone. Lower cortisol means there is a possibility of lower blood pressure and blood sugar in the body. Another health benefit of sleeping is a healthier and fresher looking skin. When a person has minimal hours of sleep, his/her skin is more prone on acne breakouts. The skin can also look dry and dull which gives off dark circles under the eyes when a person pulls out an all-nighter. If having enough sleep or a complete 7-8 hours of rest, the skin is more glowing and gives off a fresh radiance.  A complete rest or sleep can even improve the mood of a person. Waking up fully rested can help the person feel refreshed all throughout the day. It also gives out a lighter and positive radiance which can motivate him/her to accomplish daily tasks.  Those 7-8 hours of sleep can already give off a lot of benefits in the body. If a person cannot complete the suggested hours of sleep, it is also possible to have naps or siestas at least 20 minutes in the day to still have a rested and refreshed body. In today’s crisis, the only defense everyone has is a better and healthier immune system. Which is why having a complete sleep and rest is already one step in boosting one’s immune system.