Sunscreen vs. Sunblock

During hot weathers, there are a lot of ways that the sun can harm the skin; it can cause premature aging, wrinkles, melasma and even skin cancer. The most essential protection is sunscreen or sunblock. The two products may seem similar but has different purposes and ways of protecting the skin. When going out on a sunny day or going to the beach, these two products should always be present in your bags. These two have different ingredients that help prevent the sun in destroying the skin cells. But how is sunscreen different from sunblock? Sunscreen has chemical compounds that absorb UV wavelengths that would affect the skin. It also protects as a window shade, reducing the negative effects of the sun’s rays. The main ingredients for this product are Benzophenones, which protects the skin from the UVA radiation which causes premature aging and wrinkles, and Cinnamates Salicylates, which helps block UVB radiation that causes skin cancer. Sunblock has a thicker quality than sunscreen and can be seen when applied because of the white residue that it leaves on the skin. Its main purpose is to reflect back the sun’s rays, preventing it to penetrate the skin. The two main ingredients of sunblock are Titanium Oxide and Zinc oxide. These ingredients have a mild effect on the skin, making sunblock very advisable for those who have sensitive skin. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it is not advisable to use the two products over the other. The ingredients may not have a good effect when put together. When choosing a sun protector product, make sure that it is SPF 15 or above for better sun protection and reapply it every 2-3 hours. The sun can easily penetrate the skin without proper protection. The heat of the sun is very strong during 10 am to 4 pm. It is best to avoid going out during these hours to avoid too much sun exposure. If you need to go outdoors, make sure to apply your chosen sunscreen or sunblock and re-apply it at least twice for double protection. Wearing sunscreen or sunblock is not limited to only hot weathers. It can still be used during cold weather because the sun can still damage the skin during cold seasons. It is best to put sunscreen or sunblock on your everyday routine to help prevent sun damages on the skin. For more skin care tips, follow our Facebook page: See our beauty and wellness products in this website: