Taking Care of Your Mental Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As news and articles about Coronavirus continue to dominate headlines and social media feeds, people become more fearful, anxious, and displaying of erratic behaviors. It’s alright to feel a little anxious in the midst of our situation. Don’t worry, we’re all in this together. Here are some tips to help you in taking care of your metal health during this pandemic: 1.       Reduce news and social media intake. You can limit your exposure to news and social media platforms and try to divert your attention to things that would bring out your creativity. This is the perfect time to invest on postponed hobbies. Focus on things that will make you feel good – things that will inspire you, boost your creativity, etc. 2.       Manage your stress threshold proactively. Prioritize a good sleep, eat healthy and have a well-balanced diet. Also do physical exercises to build a concrete foundation for your well-being and mental health. 3.       Build your routine. It will help you adapt more quickly to our current situation. Have your body clock fixed, find something that doesn’t relate to your work that brings you joy. 4.       Have a proper perspective. Fixing your perspective on following the precautionary measures to prevent from getting the virus is the most important thing you can do to help yourself and to help your loved ones. You have to be optimistic in times like this. Your mind is more powerful than you think it is. 5.       Be compassionate and stay connected with your loved ones. Check on your loved ones, they may be worried as you are. Converse with a friend you haven’t talked with for a long-time. Talking to someone is important for our mental health, reach out to those who might be particularly isolated. Checkout Beauty and Wellness Haven’s products at: https://beautyandwellnesshaven.com/ Follow our Facebook Page for other beauty and health tips: https://www.facebook.com/beautyandwellnesshavenph