What Type of Moisturiser is Best for your Skin Type

Since summer is fast approaching, we need to take extra good care of our skin. The heat of the sun can easily damage our skin, making it dry and patchy. The essential skin care partner everyone needs during summer is sun block. But we mustn’t forget to use moisturizers to keep our skin hydrated at all times. When using moisturizers, you must know first what type fits your skin. There are certain ingredients that may not be suitable for every skin type. Daily moisturizers are formulated to target specific concerns such as oiliness, dryness, sensitivity and a combination of those. What moisturizer fits your skin type? DRY SKIN When you have dry skin, it is mostly due to the combination of cold and hot air from the surroundings. Your skin may appear flaky and rough when you touch it. Moisturizers that are rich in hydrating ingredients are recommended if you have this skin type. The ingredients you need to look after are glycerin, ceramides and hyaluronic acid to help maintain the hydration in the skin. It is best to use moisturizer twice a day, one in the morning and once at night, for better hydration. OILY SKIN People who have oily skin can be scared to use moisturizers because most skin care and beauty products have oil in their ingredients. When used, it can add up to the oiliness of the face. The oiliest areas of the face are around the T-zone; forehead, nose, chin and areas around the mouth. The pores around this area can be enlarged causing to extract too much oil in the face. When moisturized, it helps reduce the oil and adds hydration. The recommended moisturizers for this skin type are lightweight moisturizers which are non-greasy and oil-free. It can be in cream or gel type. COMBINATION SKIN It can be a bit tricky when you have a combination skin type. Certain areas are dry while others are oily. Dry areas are usually below the eyes and cheeks, while oily areas are on the T-zone. This might be confusing on choosing the right moisturizer for your skin type. For safe measures, look for a lightweight moisturizer but concentrated on its ingredients. To moisturize skin type like this, put more moisturizer on the dry areas and less on the oily parts. SENSITIVE SKIN When you have this skin type, it is best to be cautious of all the products you are using. Buying one product with an ingredient that is not suitable for your skin can easily cause redness and swollen parts on your face. People who have this skin type usually use medicinal products that can be bought in pharmacies or hospitals.  If you know that you have sensitive skin, look for a moisturizer with calm sensitivity ingredients. Make sure that the product doesn’t have alcohol content, fragrance-free and made from natural products. It is also best to buy samples or small pouches of moisturizers for you to test if your skin will react on the product. Knowing what skin type you have should determine which type of moisturizer you should buy. It is very important that you know this information to avoid complications or skin allergies. For better recommendation, consult with your dermatologist on what is best for your skin type. For more skin care tips, follow our Facebook page (facebook.com/beautyandwellnesshavenph) and check out our beauty and wellness products on our website (beautyandwellnesshaven.com).